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Theft of Deposit Box

"aes grave" Roman bronze coins purchased by Bernard Poindessault during the sale of the Changarnier Collection (Munzen & Medaillen, Basel, November 30 and December 1 1972) were in the safe deposit box that was emptied by burglars who broken in the "Pyramides" agency of the Credit Lyonnais, situated in the Avenue l'Opera, during the night of 27 to 28 March 2010. Along with these coins, there was Bernard Poindessault's personal copy of the auction catalogue in which he had noted, during the sale itself, the prices realized.

Also stolen were coins bought in London in 1972, or a few years later, from Spink & Son and Seaby. Others, bought from American dealers have tickets with prices in dollars. Most of these coins, French or foreign, are in silver (ecus or thalets) and in good condition and each has the ticket of the firm from which it was purchased.

Please contact us immediately if you come across one of the stolen "aes grave" or other coins so we can inform the French police in charge of stolen works of art.

Josiane Vedrines

Tel: 33 (0)1 42 96 10 12


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Date posted: 05 October 2010