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House Burglary Gold Coins Stolen

I am a detective working on a Burglary Investigation Team at Hereford Police station, West Mercia Police.

Over the last five years we have been having a series of burglaries on our area which are mainly targeted for jewellery. However, last Thursday the 7th oct 2010 we had a house burglary where gold coins and jewellery were stolen.

Would it be possible for you to send an e-mail to your members in reference to the stolen coins just in case they are offered to any of your members. The presentation boxes appear to have been left at the scene which suggests they will probably get scrapped.

The coins stolen are as follows:

4 x Krugerrands

2 x double Sovereigns

6 x Sovereigns

4 x half Sovereigns

1 x 1711 Guinea

3 x Montgomery coins (3 sizes)

Kind regards,

Detective Constable 3312 Laurence JAMES

Burglary Investigation Team

Hereford Police Station

Bath St, Hereford

West Mercia Police

Direct dial 01432 347269

Contact: laurence.james@westmercia.pnn.police

Date posted: 12 October 2010