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Coins Stolen in Dulwich

Any information on the coins listed below to DC Clifford Earl at Walworth Police Station

Tel: 020 7232 6142 Email:


England Pre-Roman

Boudicca (c59bc) Silver quarter stater ?


Nero Silver Denarius (Holme, Lincolnshire Hoard) GF

Vespasian Silver Denarius (Holme, Lincolnshire Hoard) GF

Trajan Silver Denarius (Holme, Lincolnshire Hoard) NVF

Marcus Aurelius Silver Denarius (Holme, Lincolnshire Hoard) VF

Anglo Saxon

Aethelred II Silver Penny (Long Cross type, London) EF

Cnut Silver Penny (Helmet type, Elfward, London) ?

Edward the Confessor Silver Penny (Hammer cross type, Thetford Mint) VF

House of Normandy

William the Conqueror Silver Penny (Bonnet type) FVF

Stephen Silver Penny (Cross Moline Watford type) ?

House of Plantagenet

John Silver Penny (Ipswich Mint, class 5c, St Johan on Gipe) EF

Henry III Silver Penny (Brussels Hoard of 1908, Mint Mark Canterbury,

Moneyer Robert) VF

Silver Penny (Brussels Hoard of 1908, Mint Mark London,

Moneyer Nicole). VF

Edward 1 Silver Penny F

Silver farthing F

House of Lancaster

Henry VI Silver groat F/VF

House of York

Edward IV Silver Groat F/VF

House of Tudor

Henry VII ? Groat (Type IIIb MM ESCALLOP LONDON S2198A) F

Half Groat V/VF

Henry VIII Silver Groat F

Edward VI ? Shilling (Fine silver issue, reverse reads MEVM, MM Y

S2482) F

Philip and Mary Shilling nVF

Elizabeth I Shilling (1560-61) (2nd issue MM Martlet) VF

Sixpence (1578) (5th issue MM HAND (SC – 15 OYE) F

Shilling (1591) (4th issue MM Greek Cross S2573) F

Silver threepence (1561) F

Silver twopence ? F

Great Britain

House of Stuart

James I Sixpence (1604 Third bust) F

Twopence (Rose and Thistle) F

Silver penny (Rose and Thistle) F

Charles I

Shilling (Heybridge Hoard) ?

Farthing (Richmond and Royal) F

Farthing (Maltravers) F

Farthing (164) (Rose) F

Silver half crown F

Silver sixpence

Silver twopence F

Silver Twenty pence (Scottish) F


Half Crown (1653) VF?

Charles II

Crown (1664) VF?

Half crown (1671) VF

Half crown (1670) F

Silver threepence (1671) gVF

Silver groat (1679) F

Farthing ? F

James II

Twopence (1687) VF

Silver groat (1686) F/VF

Half crown (1687) F

William and Mary

Half crown (1689) Gf

Half penny (1694) gF

Fourpence (1689) VF

Sixpence (1693) nVF

Silver threepence (1694) gVF

William III

Half crown (1698) VF

Sixpence (1696) EF

Crown (1696) F


Sixpence (1705) F

Silver twopence (1704) VF?

Guinea (1714) nVF

Silver half crown (1708) (minted in Edinburgh – "E") F

Silver half crown ("Vigo")

Silver threepence VF

House of Hanover

George I

Gold Quarter Guinea (1718) EF

Sixpence (1723) VF?

George II

Shilling (1758) F

Half Crown (1746) ("Lima" minted from silver from Anson's treasure) VF

George III

Shilling (1787) EF

Sixpence (1787) Unc

Shilling (1816) EF

Gold Third Guinea (1800)

Gold quarter Guinea (1762) EF

Half Crown (1816) (Bull head) EF

Half Crown (1817) (Roman head) EF

Silver threepence (1762) gEF

Farthing (1799) ("Cartwheel") VF

Penny (1797) ("Cartwheel") F

Twopence (1797) ("Cartwheel") F

George IV

Half Crown (1823) VF

Shilling ? VF

William IV

Farthing (1835) EF

Silver Groat (1836) EF


Silver threepence (1887) EF


Date posted: 25 January 2011