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Lost Package

On 29th of March I sent a package from Norway (post office) adressed to 

myself at the Holiday Inn Golden Mile. The package was last tracked on the 

5th of April having arived at the transit office in Amsterdam. 

I have raised the matter with the Norwwegian post office and they believe 

there is still a chance the package will arrive.

All together about 50 Chinese dollars, some from the Szechuan Province, 

Y.456, Chinese Republic, Y.318a.1, Y..329.6 and Y.345.

There were also about 50 British trade dollars, KM#T5, a few coins from the 

conservation series, 4 Chinese knife money,  Tiger tounges in silver and 3 

silver lat money, please see scans. There was also 100 pc of Burma 500-700 

AD, Drumaru/Temple weight 0.08-0,15 grams and Cambodia kingdom, 100 

pc in silver and bronce (giltet), KM# 32.2, about 1,45 to 1.7 grams , uniface 

Hamza bird, 1847.

There was also Sovjet mint sets in yellow package from 1977, 1978 and 1979.

If any information please contact

Jan Olav Aamlid

Tel +66818455404

Date posted: 05 May 2011