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Stolen Coin Collection Surrey

A coin collection was stolen from a house in Coulsdon Surrey. This took place between 19th January 2011 and 13th April 2011 (when the loss was discovered) but it is strongly suspected the theft was between 24th March and 6th April 2011.

In addition to coins, my collection also included bank notes, stamps and a gold chain, but the majority of the loss was coins.

The theft was discovered on 13th April and has Crime Ref: 3811136/11 and is being investigated by the Croydon Borough Investigation Team. Contacts are Det. Sgt. Richard Tribe, tel 0208 649 1336 and PC Edwards 951ZD tel 0208 649 0100 or 0208 649 0031 

1. Coins

The coins included the following collection of Shillings and Sixpences in 2 blue Whitman folders, which did not include their outer sleeves (left by thief).


1970 UNC

1939 E. GEF

191 GVF

1969 UNC

1939 S. GEF

1915 EF

1968 UNC

1938 E. UNC

1914 NEF

1951 E. GEF

1938 S. GEF

1913 GF

1951 S. GEF

1937 E. EF

1912 VF

1950 E. GEF

1937 S. GEF

1911 EF

1950 S. EF

1936 EF

1949 E. UNC

1935 EF

1949 S.GEF


1948 E.UNC


1948 S.EF


1947 E.GEF


1947 S.EF


1946 E.EF


1946 S.EF


1945 E.EF

1927 New typeEF

1945 S.EF

1927 Old typeNEF

1944 E.GEF


1944 S.GEF


1943 E.GEF


1943 S.GEF


1942 E.EF


1942 S.UNC


1941 E.UNC


1941 S.EF


1940 E.UNC


1940 S.EF



















There was also a complete collection of farthings from Edward VII 1902 to date (1956) samples all at least in GVF condition in single coin album page – the top row of which contained about 6 or 7 Victorian farthings (I think 3 veiled heads) of different dates.

There were also loose album pages including various British coins – many not particularly valuable and only average.

Some of the better items were a 1902 shilling (GVF) , a 1906 florin (F), 3-off George VI brass 3d bits (VF – EF), and about 3-4 silver 3d's from George V and George VI reigns.

There was also a mini-pocket wallet containing amongst other coins, 2 large American Silver dollars (one 1921 in GVF).

There was a collection of about 8-off German silver coins some of which I think were from the 50's or 60's (c. GVF), and other foreign coins almost loose just in coin sleeves.

Other loose coins (only in individual coin sleeves) included 1951 Crown, 1965 Churchill Crown, 1953 Crown.

There were album pages of foreign coins from different countries, many taken from circulation but some bought.

2. Recent Special Issue Coins (bought from Westminster)

2005 Lord Nelson UK £5 coin

The Trafalgar Bicentenary Silver Proof Coin

Queen's 80th Birthday Royal Mint Siver Coin

The Queen's 80th Birthday UK £5 Coin

2006 Gold Plated Siver Eagle

Farewell to Classic Coinage Commemorative Cover

St Edward's Crown 24ct Gold Plated Coin

Queen Mother's Crown

The Royal Lion Gold Coin

Imperial State Crown

2010 London Game Churchill UK £5 Proof Coin

3. Bank Notes

The following notes were housed in loose album pages taken from a stamp album for First Day Covers

4 or 5 off £5 notes of different designs or Chief Cashiers – oldest Jasper Hollom or John Fforde (1960's)

4 -6 off £1 notes of different designs or Chief Cashiers, including O'Brien, Hollom, Fforde and Page

2 off 10 shilling notes, Hollom and Fforde I believe

2 or 3 off £10 notes - different designs – recent from 1999

2 or 3 off £20 notes - different designs – recent from 1999

A collection of 3 or 4 old Chinese Bank notes (1940's??)

Various foreign notes (only about 8-off) eg. German DM20, from Germany, Netherlands and other countries taken from circulation since early 1970's

Nearly all the above notes were in crisp, uncirculated condition.

4. Stamps

About 2 or 3 British First day Cover issues 1978, 1980 ?

A collection of mainly British stamps from 1970's to date in loose 2 sided black stamp album pages in which you can insert stamps in rows (not glue in type).

There were some pages of foreign stamps, with several different countries to a page.

Probably about 6 double-sided pages in total.

5. Jewellery

An 18 carat god chain (about 2 ft)

Signet ring 9 carat, with single small diamond

Date posted: 07 May 2011