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Civil War Tokens stolen from Farnham Museum

A box containing six 17th century Farnham Tokens was stolen from Farnham Museum.

Crime Reference Number WV-13-5296.

Coin 1

Obverse: John Holloway - a bunch of candles

Reverse: In Farnhame 1658 - I. M. H.


Obverse: At Farivham - I. M. H.

Reverse: In Surrey 1658 - The Blacksmiths Arms


Obverse: IAMS hunt in - a castle

Reverse: Farnham in surrey - I, H, A Fleur de Lis

Coin 4

Obverse: Henry Morris of - the fishmongers arms

Reverse: Farnham in surry – hem

Coin 5

Obverse: John Goodard

Reverse: Farnham in surry

Coin 6

Obverse: Iames wrath - 1664

Reverse: In Farnham - *W* IM

Sophie Smith

Assistant Curator

Museum of Farnham, 38 West Street, Farnham, Surrey GU9 7DX

t: 01252 715094

Date posted: 07 November 2013