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Electrum Gold Quarter Stater

Please be aware that a coin sold to a so-called client has been stolen, details below. The coin was ordered on our web-site and paid for by credit card. The item was then despatched and received which we have had notification of however we have now had a chargeback from Worldpay indicating that the transaction was never authorised. At time of ordering the credit card was run through the terminal and then authorised as per usual with no problems as far as we were concerned. We have reported back to Worldpay with all the information we have including ‘Proof of Signature’ upon Special Delivery and are just hoping that we are reimbursed £2,500 however we’re not holding our breath.

Details to Mike R Vosper Coins

P.O. Box 32



IP26 4HX


Tel/Fax +44 (0) 1842 828292



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Date posted: 21 July 2014