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Theft of rare Guineas and Sovereigns

Please could you be on the look out for anyone who is trying to sell numismatic gold coins in quantity but who do not appear to have any idea of what they are, One of our locations was hit last night, and a large quantity of scarce and rare guineas and sovereigns were taken, Some of which can be seen on our current coins link below.


Other coins taken are still to be accounted for but range from standard good grade 1840s/50s/60s/70s shield backs, Australian minted shield backs, Edward and George V Canada, Perth and Melbourne scarce and rare types. Along with a number or early high grade silver and copper coins and possibly a few stamps and banknotes.


We will put together a full list of what is missing shortly, but as you can see from our images the types of coins we have in general are fairly distinctive and especially if anyone is trying to sell a number in one go should stick out like a sore thumb i hope,


I am concerned that these may end up going through a jeweller who will not know what they are, so if anyone can put the early warning out to jewellers too that would be great.


If anyone hears anything please do contact us on the numbers below,


Best regards


Allgold Coins

0844 544 7952 /  0208 669 1244

0775 925 3127


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Date posted: 27 August 2014