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Missing in Transit Gold Solidus


We have to report two items stolen in transit from the UK to the US. The package was sent by Signed and Tracked mail and was opened and re-sealed. Inside was another envelope which contained a 20 pence piece instead. The recipient in the US has filed a complaint against the postal authorities. We shall obviously have to claim on our insurance for the loss.

Gold Solidus, ca.661-3AD, ca.18mm, ca.4.4g.

Constantinople. Busts of Constans with a long beard and moustace and Constantinus IV with a diadem./Heraclius and Tiberius stg. facing, cross potent on three steps in between.

CONOB :• = Constantinople

BCV cf.970

Extremely rare with this mintmark.

Information please to Mike Vosper




Date posted: 28 April 2015