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Burglary in Birmingham

I am investigating a burglary which happened between 24th July and 26th July at an address in Birmingham. There were several coin collections stolen in this burglary. Please find descriptions below.

Coin collection self made by the victim – consisting of 6 decimal coins from each year since 1971 and out into coin bags.

2 page folder containing 2011 olympic medals -50p coins

1953 Coronation proof set (farthing up to crown) set in a box with red velvet background – 9 coins in total

Queen Victoria Jubilee Set 1887 (threepence up to crown) 7 coins in total

1950 proof set

1951 proof set

The crime number is 20BE/136305L/15. My details are:

DC 2922 NASH, Investigation, Stechford Police Station, Birmingham. Tel: 101 extension 844 3060.

DC 2922 Rebecca Nash

Aquistive Crime Team

Stechford Police Station

Tel – 101 ext 844 3060


Date posted: 04 August 2015