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Warning - hoard of treasure

It has recently come to our attention that a group of silver pennies of Alfred the Great and Ceolwulf II have appeared on the market.  The coins, we are informed consist of the lozenges types and the two Emperor/two figure types, some unpublished and unknown and many of extreme rarity.   They are believed to be from an undeclared hoard of treasure found along with some jewellery along the Welsh marches.  Some of our members have seen/been offered these items, but to our knowledge no BNTA dealer has purchased any.  We are aware that the British Museum has prompted a Police enquiry which is ongoing and we had been waiting for further information before making this announcement.

The Police have not been forthcoming with any advices so we have taken it upon ourselves to issue this warning.   Please use the utmost caution when buying any items that may be related to this alleged hoard - buying such coins will be regarded as concealment  of "Treasure"  under the Treasure Act and subsequently will be dealt with as if "handling stolen property".

Should you feel you have any information we will be pleased to put you in touch with the British Museum or the local Police handling the case.

Chris Martin,


Date posted: 14 August 2015