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Iraq Campaign Medal, Northern Ireland Medal

Crime reference 43150250776

03/09/15 Milton Keynes

Offence location is a narrowboat



Iraq campaign  medal – white box with black crown on the outside in the centre containing medal made of cupro-nickel 36mm diameter with a yellow ribbon with a red white and black vertical stripe (image far right below is believed to be on other side of the medal).

Northern Ireland medal, white metal Ribbon vertical purple and emerald green stripe.

Operational Service Medal for Afghanistan – white metal (silver)  with vertical striped ribbon. Beige, pale blue, dark blue and red.

DC 3882 Jackie Murdock

Burglary Desk Development Officer/Central Intelligence/Thames Valley Police

Int:701 3956/Direct Dial: 01865 293956/ Mobile: 07816 838547


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Date posted: 15 September 2015