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Coin collection burglary in Gloucestershire

Please see below the details of two small coin collections stolen following a break in and burglary on Monday 9th November 2015 from a manor house in Gloucestershire.  I should be grateful if you would let me know if any of these are offered for sale through your rooms.


Please note the following reference numbers:-


            Gloucestershire Constabulary Crime Reference Number:  CR/026679/15


            Criterion Loss Adjusters Reference: 15/12489/PT/AC – attention Paul Taylor -


Please note that the small Georgian mahogany cabinet containing the Russian copper re-strikes is particularly unusual.  It seems very unlikely that any similar group of medals would be consigned for auction.

~~A Georgian mahogany collector's cabinet, with double veneered doors containing six open drawers with brass pulls, lock and key containing a coin collection, comprising:-

12.5" W x 10.5" D x 14" H.

Ancient Coins

Athens, tetradrachm, c 440 BC

Boeotia, Thebes, stater, 4th century BC

Thrace, Lysimachus (323 - 281 BC), drachm

Macedon, Neapolis, drachm

Paeonia, Patraos (340 - 315 BC), tetradrachm, pierced

Macedon, Alexander III, tetradrachm

Thessaly, Larissa, drachm

Cyprus, Amathus, stater, c 400 BC, pierced

Mysia, Prokonnesos, hemidrachm, 4th century Bc

Rome, Gordian III, sestertius

English Gold Coins

James I, rose royal, m.m castle

Charles I, unite, m.m negro's head

Charles I, double-crown m.m castle

English Silver and Bronze Coins

Henry III, pennies (2); Henry V Annulet issue, halfpenny; maundy oddments (3), comprising 3d, 1689, 2d, 1679 and 1d, 1746; et infra (2) (8 coins)

Edward VI, crown and halfcrown, both 1551, m.m y (2 coins)

Edward VI, shilling, m.m tun

Charles I, Newark Besiged, halfcrown, 1646

Commonwealth, halfcrown, 1651

Commonwealth, shilling, 1651, creased

Miscellaneous Tudor and Stuart silver etc, comprising; shillings (4) of Philip and Mary, Edward VI and Elizabeth (2); sixpenses (11), of Edward VI, Elizabeth (7 including two milled), James I (2) and Commonwealth; groat of Henry Vii; minor silver (16), including 3d, 1573 and 11/2d, 1575; and copper farthing (3), many in poor condition (35 coins).

Anne, shilling, 1702 plumes

Tokens; miscellaneous pieces dated 1788 - 1813 (23 coins).

Scottish and Irish Coins

Scotland, Charles I, Briot's 60 shillings, m.m thistle and Falconers' 12 shilling, this creased (2 coins).

Ireland, James I, shilling, m.m bell, an Ormonde 3d and St Patrick's fathing (3 coins).

Foreign Gold Coins

Mexico, 50 pesos, 1921, 20 pesos (2), 1917, 1918, 5 pesos, 1907, 21/2 pesos, 1918 and 2 pesos, 1919 (6 coins).

British Historical Medals

George II, gold Coronation medal, 1727

George II, gold medal commemorating Lord Anson's circumnavigation of the globe and Defeat of the French, 1740 - 47.

William IV, gold Coronation medal, 1831.

Silver medals (5), comprising; 18th century restrike of Cromwell's portrait, rev., arms of the Commonwealth; Anne, Coronation, 1702 and Battle of Malplaquet, 1709; Cumberland and the Battle of Culloden, 1746, by Yeo, cased; and Quebec taken, 1759, this worn (5 medals).

Copper or bronze medals (10), comprising: Mary as Regent, 1692 (2); Cambridge University Chancellor's medal, 1752; Victories of 1759; Guadeloupe, 1759; Minden, 1759; Canada subdued, 1760; Accession of George III, 1760; Belleisle, 1761; and Thomason's vase, 1821; together with white metal medals (3) of George III and IV (13 medals).

A small Georgian mahogany cabinet containing 10 specially pierced trays holding: a series of Russian copper restrikes of late 17th and 18th century medals, totalling 108 different pieces and probably prepared as a set, circa 1800 with two additional silver pieces, comprising a currency rouble of Peter III, 1762 and a 1782 silver medal for the Monument of Peter I (this also represented as a copper restrike) (100 pieces and cabinet).


Date posted: 19 November 2015