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Stolen Coin Collection in West Mercia

Stolen on 4th November 2015 from within West Mercia Policing Area.

Cat No. Description Price Paid

SA-KKBQ Edward the Confessor Hammer X-Penny 675.00

SA-JPBB CNUT Pointed Helmet 395.00

Pr204H Probus 125.00

LT/QFPB Licinius I AE3 25.00

SS-DFQD Eanred of Northumbria 225.00

SS-DUPW Aethelred II of Northumbria 85.00

GR-KJDT Asia Minor Cilicia soloi AR Stater 750.00

4272 Aethelred II 225.00

 Deptimus servus Ar di Liberatus 49.00

 Maximiaus Ae ant Jupiter 26.00

 Constantius I Ae follis Gemius 32.00

 Constanttine II Ae ¾ Gloria Exercitus 19.00

 Coustaus Ae ¾ Gloria Exercitus 16.00

 Licimius I Ac 3 Jupitor 14.00

 Edwasrd the Confessor Trefoil Quaddrilateral 220.00

 Henry VIII Tower 4d 165.00

 Celtic Atrebates & Regni Gold ¼ Stater 185.00

 Roman republic Lucietial Ar den Head of Rome 69.00

 Aurelian Ae aut Restituti Exerciti 36.00

 Servius Alexander Ar den salus 43.00

 Phoras gold silidus Victoria auggi 245.00

 Servius Alexander Ar den victory 37.00

 Probus Ae aut soli iuvicto 23.00

 Constantine the great Gloria exercilus RFP 18.00

 Constantine the great Gloria exercilus TRS 19.00

 Constantius II Period Romulus & Remus 22.00

 Commodus Ar denFel cetan Abuudantia 49.00

 Probus Silvered Aut Concordia 29.00

 Diocletian Ae Aut Diocletian receiving victory 21.00

 Maxeutius Ae Follis Roma 21.00

 Constantine the great Ae 3 ex langtoft hoard 39.50

 Early Anglo Saxon Ar sceat 145.00

 Eanred King of Northumbria 185.00

 Probus Ae Aut Concordia Milit 28.00

 Probus Ae Aut Victoria Aug 28.00

 Constanus Ac ¾ Gloria Excictus 18.00

 Henry III Long cross 1b lie terci loh 79.00

 Early Anglo Saxon Ar sceat series C 145.00

 Charles I Tower 1d Type 3ai 75.00

Any information to email below or telephone 01743 237 458 or mobile 07951 557 706.


Date posted: 19 November 2015