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FedEx Package Missing

Stanley Gibbons sent a package via FedEx to the States in November and it arrived missing the coins.

1/  Anne pattern silver farthing 1713,    EF, good tone,  4.71gm.   Peck 752.

2/  George II gold Five Guineas 1729 EIC,    gVF/aEF,  41.78gm.  S 3664.

3/  Celtic Corieltauvi VEP CORF gold Stater,   gEF,  5.45gm.    S 410; vA 940-1.

4/  Edward III gold Noble ‘Pre Treaty’,  VF,    7.68gm.  Schneider 21;  S 1486.

5/  Charles I silver Crown type IV ‘Under Parliament’, mm eye,  EF.  30.18gm.  S 2761.


Any information re. these please contact Neil Randerson, of Stanley Gibbons, on  0772 564 3128


Date posted: 07 December 2015