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Theft of Roman Coins from Chelmsford Museum

The theft of a hoard of fourteen  late Roman gold coins from display from Chelmsford Museum during opening hours has been discovered this morning.  Although the display case was not covered by CCTV, the case was alarmed and secured with special security screws.  The alarm does not appear to have been activated, but the perpetrator  had probably researched the situation in advance, and came armed with the necessary screwdriver in the knowledge that no CCTV camera was trained on the case.

The coins were discovered in the 1990s  near Good Easter by a metal detectorist and acquired by Chelmsford Museum The coins were issued by the emperors Arcadius and Honorius, and  minted in Milan and Ravenna in Italy, between   AD 394 and 406. One rarer coin,  however, depicts Constantine III, the last emperor whose coins are found in Roman  Britain,  and which was minted in Lyons, France  in AD 407-8.

The Police, the National Security Adviser at Arts Council England,  and other Museums have been notified.

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Date posted: 05 January 2016