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Burglary in Downham Market, Norfolk.

A burglary occurred  in Downham Market, Norfolk at the beginning of February.  A large collection of coins were stolen - almost all of the hammered shillings and groats that were numbered  by Spink (or old Seaby)  from Edward 1st to Charles 2nd.

The following are the most significant or valuable pieces.   

Henry VII.  All three types of testoon (shilling).  Spink (S)  2251-3.  (S 2251 is ex Shuttlewood, lot 73, Spink 151 Mar 01)   

Henry VIII Posthumous Testoon  S 2401  ( as above but lot 186, Unique obverse)  

Charles 1st   Tower shilling, Type 1b3.  S 2786Charles 1st   Ashby de la Zouch, shillings. S3031-2   

Charles 1st Truro. Shilling. S3053, probably unique in private hands.   

Charles 1st  Exeter (previously attr to Truro) Shillings S3081-3   

Charles 1st Exeter. Shilling ( rev Declaration) S3086

Charles 1st Worcester Shillings. S3110-1   

Charles 1st Carlisle, Siege shillings. S3138-9.

Elizabeth 1st cmkd E VI shilling, (portcullis) S 2546   

Also these three Groats:-

Richard II  S 1681  Crescent on breast

Henry VII   S 2255  Tressure

Henry VII  S2257   ‘Septim’


Date posted: 24 February 2017