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World War I Medals

On 5th March the follwing medals have been stolen:

Military Medal,  round metal: tarnished silver, Face: Kind George V/Obverse: "For Bravery in the Field", Ribbon: blue-white-red-white-red-blue, Inscription (on bottom edge): "2633 GNR:E.A.Hunt. 'C' Coy HY, Sec: M.G.C.

British War Medal, Round metal: tarnished silver, Face: King GeorgeV/Obverse: "1914-1918" Horse and naked rider trampling shield and skuyll underfoot..., Ribbon: blue-black-white-orange(thick)-white-black-blue, Inscription (on bottom edge): "2.Lieut.E.A.Hunt"

You can contact the owner : 07834983520 or West Mercia Police 0300-333 3000, Ref.No.22DL/18820F/17


Date posted: 08 March 2017