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various coins stolen in the last two years



The following coins have been stolen during the last two years in London, exact date not known.

Henry II Silver Penny 1180

2x Edward I Silver Penny (Canterbury mint) 1272 

3x               Silver Penny 1272

 1x              Silver Penny (London mint) 1272

Henry VII Silver Half Grat 1510

Henry VIII Silver Groat (York mint) 1547

Mary Silver Groat 1553

Elizabeth I Silver Sixpence 1575

James I Silver Shilling 1610

              Silver Sixpence 1604

Charles I Silver Penny (Tower mint) 1625

               Silver Shilling 1642

               Silver Half Crown (York mint)

Charles I Brass Counterfeit Sovereign 1645

Commonwealth Silver Half Groat 1649

Charles II Swinton Token Bronze Halfpenny 1667

                 Bronze Farthing 1673

George I Bronze Halfpenny 1723

George II Bronze Farthing 1754

George III Gilt Halfpenny not issued 1788

                 Gold Third Guinea 1790

                 Gold Guinea 1790

                 Gold Half Guinea 1791

                  Gilt Halfpenny (Gilt proof) 1799

Victoria Bronze Penny 1850

             Gold Five Pound 1887

South African Kruger Gold Gold Pound 1898

Victoria Silver Shilling 1898

George V Gold Sovereign 1914

                 Threepence 1926

                 Sixpence 1928

2x George VI Threepence 1938

George VI Sixpence 1951

2x Elizabeth II Half Crown 1967

2x Elizabeth II Crown 1981

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Date posted: 02 May 2017