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Cois stolen in Dublin

Bill Pugsley has been advised that a significant collection of very valuable and historically important coins have be stolen from a privat collection in Dublin this week.

The collection includes an almost complete datew run of Sovereigns from 1817 to 1968 (only 1819 missing). There are twp 1841 Sovereigns of which one is uncirculated or near so.

Additionally, there are stunning Guineas, two Guinea and five Guinea pieces that are also missing.

This looks like a targeted robbery BUT it may have been untargeted in which case the coins may have been offered merely for melting - which would be a disaster for numismatics.

If you see or are offered stunning coins that may have come from this collection, please call Dublin Garda. If you are not in Ireland but ehar about the coins - please contact Bill Pugsley directly and he will pass on the information.


Date posted: 24 November 2018