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Robbery in Kent

Hello, my name is John Wilson from Kent Vintage Collectors LTD (Trading as Kent Coins).
Just a quick email to inform other dealers that we were burgled on 04 November, all of our stock was stolen and our premises was badly damaged.
I am reaching out to ask if you could keep an eye open for anyone offering our stolen stock for sale or to let me know if you are offered any of the items stolen, the list is too extensive to attach in its entirety but a brief run down is below:
Several thousand single coins, mainly bronze, nickel and silver in 2x2 clear plastic packets, each would be hand written with a stock code starting with SC (IE: SC12345), these include British & World Coins and range from Roman to modern circulating Decimal Issues.
Around 200 coins in capsules, mainly silver 1oz rounds and gold plated commonwealth coins and Westminster tokens etc, in clear front bags labelled with codes starting with OS
3kg of Bulk 50% Silver coins (1920-46) in 1KG bags, labelled as codes starting EB
Around 400 banknotes, again in clear front bags with codes starting BKN
A quantity of unlabelled and labelled stock, including an uncut sheet of 6 Kentfield £5 Banknotes (Serial: BH28001493 to BH36001493), 1 5oz Silver Britannia & 5oz Silver Canadian Maple Ingot, Royal Mint proof sets and coins & some stamp collections and stamp kiloware likely in clear plastic tubs or plastic boxes, some of these will be labelled with codes starting EB.
Most items aside from the single coins will be in clear front bags or grey plastic mailing sacks. Most would be labelled with stock codes listed above (EB, BKN or SC etc)
I know it may be difficult to assess what might be included there but if you are offered anything suspicious please contact me or Kent Police quoting reference 04-0254.
Thank you so much for you time in reading this and I hope we will be able to recover our stock or at least make it impossible to sell on for the thieves!
 Kind regards
John Wilson
Kent Vintage Collectors LTD, Unit 7 Winkhurst Farm Industrial Estate, Coopers Corner
Ide Hill, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN14 6LB
Telephone/WhatsApp: 07402965818

Date posted: 07 November 2023