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17thC Tokens lost in the post

17th Century Tokens lost in the post in January 2013.
Stilton, Thomas Wanless, octagonal halfpenny 1669 (Williamson 72) F, slight corrosion, very rare.
Eynesbury and Potton, Andrew Selby, halfpenny 1668 (W. 7)
Huntingdon, William Lambe, halfpenny 1668 (W. 17)
Ramsey, John Becke, halfpenny (W. 24)
Ramsey, James Jarman, halfpenny 1669 (W. 28)
St Ives, Jonathan Read, farthing (W. 49 var.)
St Neots, Thomas Newman, halfpenny 1667 (W. 61)
These Fine to Very Fine, except for the last.
CAMBRIDGESHIRE, Ely, William Wagstafe, farthing (W. 124), VF
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Date posted: 05 February 2013