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Theft of coins, medals, banknotes, antiquities


in the night of Saturday/Sunday, January 12th/13th , 2013
from Peter Morris, Bromley.

Crime report (temporary - 3300805/13 to Bromley Police Station.

Abafil black case with 21 trays, containing :
5 guineas 1701 VF, hint of mount marks at 3 and 9 o’c
Henry VIII angel (S.2265) mm castle
Edward VI half-sovereign (S.2438) mm Y
Guinea 1789, VF+, holed
Mix of sovereigns (about 25, from YH shield-back to 2013)
1820 sovereign, GVF, with obverse scratches
Mix of half-sovereigns (about 7, from YH to 2012).
Roman silver and bronze coins, on 4 trays, mostly as per website listing;
almost all with Robert Sharman’s hand-written tickets.
Tray of about 40 Greek silver coins, again all with Mr Sharman’s tickets.
GB Hammered silver coins, nearly 80, all with hand-written tickets, as above.
British silver coins - 2 trays of Crowns, 4 trays of half-crowns, 1 tray of florins, 3 trays of shillings, and 3 trays of sixpences – all on same hand-written tickets – all dated from Charles II to Victoria. (Half-crowns included Edward VII with 2 lower grade 1905).
Foreign coins - housed in 4 Windmill No 1 4-ring binders, classified in alphabetical order, all in individual hartberger card holders, and most with hand-written descriptions by Mr Sharman. (Most as per website listing).
100 Victorian silver crowns, JH and OH, in plastic bag in blue coin box. GF/AVF
4 green –plastic bowls with cheaper foreign coins (£1 to £3 each) total about 1,000.
GB Proof sovereigns and half-sovereigns, in case of issue. (1982, 1986..)
Set of 18 proof silver crowns – 2009/10 : Celebration of Britain, I large black Royal Mint box.
3 x undated 20p coins, each in Hartberger labelled cards.
Two German 1927A 3 Reichsmark Centenary coins.

Coindex box with about 40 campaign medals, (many as per website) including :
Davison’s Nile medal in bronze, Army of India/bar Ava: erased, Burma medal in faded gilt-silver set old top pin, Crimea medal/bar Sebastopol unnamed, New Zealand medal to Joseph Whitehead, Afghanistan medal/3 bars – Charasia, Kabul, Kandahar to Cpl Th Purves, Egypt medals, India GSM/3 bars to Malik Din, 2 bars to Serjt Fogerty, 2 bars to Pte J Drewett, several QSAs …
WW1 DCM to J Byrne – RW Fus, WW1 MM and trio to Cpl W Dick- RFA, pair to Jobling, as Naval GSM/bar Yangste with UN Korea, plus full paperwork, QSA/trio Dorset/Beds plus WW2 medals to Father and Son Langdale, Falklands medal with CSM/ Northern Ireland to A.C.C., India medal/bar Jowaki plus Afghanistan medal to Sepoy Bukha, Boer War pair to Pte Gregory, another to Pte G Tyler, Royal Scots with paperwork.. Operational Services medal/bar Afghanistan to L/Cpl Louth, PWRR, Accumulated Campaign service medal to URE, Scots Guards,
WW2 group with Air Efficiency medal Geo VI to Rutland.; Re-named Waterloo medal to Lieut. Weston (?) 34th Regt of Foot plus papers..
German WW2 War merit medals, a bag of 40 pieces, with separate ribbons.

Housed in 2 Lindner albums (one cream, one green) with a range of British banknotes, classified by denomination and signature - White Fivers, one Naples forgery White, £20, £10, £5, £1 and 10/-; many as per website.
Individual notes (about 8) – all Bradbury or Warren-Fisher £1 and 10/- each with Bonham’s label. (As listed), includes Dardenelles overprinted 10/-

Roman oil-lamps, about 16 in total, all illustrated on website, and numbered from 2 to 20. (Including 2 erotic lamps and one featuring charioteer and quadriga).
2 deluxe abafil trays with a selection of minor bronze artefacts, including small grey metal bell (6 cms), celtic horse and separate rider, dagger chapes, medieval rings, hooks and attachments. (perhaps 30+ pieces in all)
Roman glass bottles, as described and illustrated on website (B2 to 11), all measuring from 5cms to 13 cms tall.
Chinese – pair of Ming horses and attached attendants (17cms tall), housed in padded blue box; Ming green glazed table set with 15 items of ‘food’ (26 x 17cms and 24cms high); another set 8 items of food – pig’s head, duck & fish (21 x 13cms and 21 cms tall). First table housed in large padded box.

Further information from :
Peter MORRIS on
0208 313 3410 or
bv bn 07768 104412

Date posted: 13 January 2013