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Gold Coins Stolen in Double Homicide USA

The Numismatic Crime Information Center is assisting the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Department located in Louisiana with a robbery that resulted in the death of two males and critically injuring a female. All three victims had their throats slit. The two male subjects died and the female is clinging to life in a local hospital.

The motive in the robbery was a gold coin collection valued at $500,000. The owner of the collection identified as Robert Marchand was a collector and well known businessman in Gonzales, Louisiana.

The brutal slayings probably occurred between 12am and 10am Saturday, February 18,2012. No list is available at this time but will be sent out immediately once I receive it from investigators.

Dealers should be on the look out for any person or persons bringing in a large amount of gold coins to sale or any unusual or suspicious phone calls related to gold coins. Preliminary information is that these coins were mostly numismatic coins not bullion.

Louisiana Dealers are encouraged to contact other dealers to alert them of this offense in case they do not receive our bulletins.

Anyone with any information on this offense should contact:

Doug Davis



Date posted: 21 February 2012