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Lost Package

William Rosenblum has reported a package containing 3 ancient coins that were in his recent 13 June Auction was lost on the way from Colorado to New Jersey.

88 *Bar Kochba Revolt*. 132-135 AD. 'AE Middle Bronze (24mm, 9.15g). Seven-branched palm tree, "Shimon"/Vine Leaf, "For the Freedom of Jerusalem". H-1437 (736), Mild-104. VF. / Purchased before 1967 from L. N. Ohan when the Old City of Jerusalem was in Jordan with his envelope enclosed (but missing his name)

98*Aelia Capitolina*, *Antonius Pius and Marcus Aurelius (as Caesar).* 138-161 AD. 'AE20 (8.77g). Laureate draped bust of Oius right/Small, bareheaded bust of Aurelius right. Mesh-37, Ros-24. Choice VF+/Nice VF, attractive green patina. We have only offered this coin a few times in the past but I believe that this is by far the nicest we have offered.

130 *Sepphoris in Galilaea,* *Trajan.* 98-117AD. 'AE13.75 (1.84g). Laureate bust right/ 2 ears of barley, bound by stalks. Ros-6, BMC-17. Nice VF, green-brown patina.

Any information to:

William M Rosenblum LLC

PO Box 785, Littleton CO 80160-0785 USA




Date posted: 02 August 2011