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Stolen Coins - Edinburgh

Above please find 5 pages of coins stolen from my home in Edinburgh on 13th June 2011.

I would be very grateful if you could tell as many people as possible and keep a look out for anyone trying to sell them.

There is a reward of £10,000 for information leading to the recovery of the coins

Please contact Lothian and Borders Police on 0131 316 2825 or 0131 620 5120 - crime reference number CR/42681/11 or any Police Force if you have any information regarding any of the coins.

Tarentum Stater 4C BC GVF

Alex the Great Tetradrachm x 2 EF

Corinth Stater 330 BC AEF

Syria Antiochus VII Tetradrachm EF

Aeolis Myrina Tetradrachm EF

Aeolis Kyme Tetradrachm EF

Phoenicia Arados Drachm (Bee/Stag by palm) GVF

Scribon/Bonevent Denarius EF

Chosidius Geta Denarius Diana/Boar speared EF

Aemilius Lepidus Paulus Denarius EF

L Valerius Asiculus Denarius AEF

Domitian Denarius (obu legend anti-clock) EF

Julia Domna Antoninianus EF

Hadrian Denarius Abt. EF

Maximus Denarius large flan EF

Caracalla Tetradrachm AEF

Otacilia Severa ar Antoninianus EF

Severus Aklexander Denarius EF

Geta Denarius EF

Macrinus Denarius EF

Philip I Tetradrachm EF

Philip II Antoninianus EF

Philip I Tetradrachm EF

Philip I Antoninianus EF

Philip I Antoninianus AEF

Probus Antoninianus AEF

Diocletian Follis silvered AEF

Numerian Antoninians EF

Galerius Follis EF

Constantine I Follis EF

Maximianus Follis EF

Constantius II Siliqua AEF

Julian II Siliqua EF

Gratian Siliqua AEF

Honorius Solidus EF

Marcian Solidus EF

Constans II alone Solidus AEF

Heraclius & Heraclius Const. with Heraclonas Solidus EF

Phocas Solidus EF

Heraclius & Heraclius Constantine Solidus EF

Michael VII Electrum Histamenon AEF

Celtic quarter stater x 2 GVF

Continental Sceat plumed bird Rt. EF

Continental sceat porcupine GVF

Copper Stycas Aethelred II x 4 VF

Boudicca (Iceni) silver unit AEF

Anglo Saxon Sceaita facing busts to cross EF

Cnut penny Exeter short cross AEF

Harold Penny Eastmaer on PIH (Worc) Abt. EF

Burgered Penny (Gudher) GVF

Francisco Venier Zeccino EF

Michele Steno Ducato AEF

Henry VII Regular Groat GVF

Henry VII Regular Groat (triple band to crown) GVF

Edward VI 1551 Crown VF +

Philip & Mary Groat VF

Edward IV Groat (London) x 2 GVF

Henry VI 1/2 Groat Calais EF

Edward III Treaty period Noble Abt. EF

James I Laurel AEF/EF

William III half crown1700 (light flecking) EF

Anne shilling 1709 EF

George II two guineas VF

George III 1798 spade guinea (metal flaw centre of obverse) GEF

George III 1/2 guinea 1806 GVF

George IV 2 pounds (edge nick) AEF

George IV 2 pounds (circular dent below ear and on chin) EF

George III small head half crown 1817 A Unc

George IV sovereign 1826 small edge knocks EF

William IV half crown 1836 A Unc

Victoria 1887 2 pounds EF

Mary & Henry Ryal 1565 Abt EF

Mary & Henry Ryal 1566 EF

Mary Ryal 1567 Abt EF

Victoria 1893 2 pounds EF

Edward VII 1902 2 pounds A Unc

Victoria "Godless" florin 1849 Aunc

Trajan Decius Billon Tetradrachm EF

Elizabeth I sixpence 1562 GVF

Edward IV Angel GVF

George IV half crown 1825 A Unc


Date posted: 05 July 2011