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Stolen Coins - Cheshire

Cheshire Constabulary Crime Reference : CC1117 3263; Incident Number 897 of 23.6.11.

The burglary occurred at a house in Mere, near Knutsford in Cheshire. The house was unoccupied whilst the occupants, an Indian businessman and his wife, were away in London between1800 on 19th June 2011 and 2000 on 23rd June 2011. There was a very large amount of gold jewellery, both English and Indian, taken, together with a large amount of electrical items, etc.

Also taken was the genteman`s small collection of coins and banknotes, collected during his travels across the world as an engineer:

The following are all older coins and notes, dates not known:

Deutschmarks x4

Five-shilling Churchill Coins x 2

Five-shilling Queens` Silver Jubilee Coins x2

Old £5 notes x2

Old shilling notes x14

Old £20 note x1

Old £1 notes x15

One shilling coins x40

Silver coins x4

Swiss francs x4

Two-shilling coins x25

Indian `Gaddi` Rupees - rare - x2

Also taken was a large amount of more modern coins and notes from places such as India,Canada,Denmark,Egypt,Qatar,Russia,Singapore,U.S., etc.

If each of the above items were sold separately then I would understand if they raised no query; however, taken as a collection then they must surely arouse some interest / suspicion as to where, and from whom, the potential seller had acquired them.

Should you, or any of your colleagues, have any queries, then please do not hesitate to contact me, or my colleague DS Tony King, on the number below.

Mike Frith,


Police Station, Brunswick St., Macclesfield, Cheshire. SK10 1HQ.

A direct-dial telephone number to my office is: 01244 613454; the Cheshire Constabulary number is 0845 458 0000.

Date posted: 05 July 2011