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Anthony Halse has reported that an old friend and customer of his was burgled during the last 3 weeks whilst he was away on holiday. His home was completely ransacked during the burglary. His collection consisted of a very large number of gold coins which included a complete date set 1817  to 2009 of sovereigns (all except 1819) plus around 46 duplicate dates.

14 Guineas, five pound gold coins (6), Two pounds (4), Isle of man 1973 set £5 down, gold 20 francs and 20 lires of France (over 100) Switzerland(38), Belgium(14), Italy and Sardinia (72) also 8 40 Lire, various gold coins of Denmark (14) Spain (5), South Africa(8), Russia (20) Tunisia (12) San Marino (32) Cheloslovakia (6) Austria and Hungary (over 100) Turkey (around 100) and many more. The collection also consisted of Threepences from 1670 to 1967, 6 double florins (two with the inverted date) florins (31, all pre 1888) 3 shilling bank tokens (6) and various duplicate gold coins.

The collection is primarily a date collection so although the quality is not always high there is very little duplication of the early dates.

The collection was taken along with a good collection of around 20 antique gold pocket watches one watch in particular is very recognisable, it is 18 carat, English, the hallmark is London 1817, a full plate movement with a quarter repeater, white dial with roman numerals, key no. 6 made by Hawley, 75 the Strand London.

Anthony Halse has a full list of the all items stolen but only paper copies. If anyone requires a copy he will willingly send them one.

 Should anyone have any information regarding the coins etc the contact tel no. is 01495 232383, which is Pontypool CID (Paul Graham) crime ref 1473/10.

Anthony Halse can be contacted on


Date posted: 19 January 2010