Coinex 2018

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28 September 2018 to 29 September 2018


COINEX 2018 will be held in a much bigger venue at County Hall, as the Millennium Hotel will be undergoing refurbishment in 2018. This will be the 40th anniversary show and will be a much bigger event with many more tables available as a one off to invited dealers from outside the BNTA. There will be much more daylight, views of the Thames, the Houses of Parliament and adjacent to the Londen Eye and will be in easy reach of public transport. Although there is no direct parking, there are various parking facilities nearby, deliveries for the exhibitors are extremly safe and there is a wide range of hotels in the block and nearby, food and drinks are available in the venue and directly opposite.Entrance for the public is Friday 28th from 11-15h (fee £5), 15-18h free admission (last entry 17.30h). Saturday we are open from 10-16h, admission free, last entry 15h. For directions please visit etc.venues County Hall - directions. It is an exciting prospect and we hope that members and visitors alike will come and enjoy the 40th Coinex!