Stolen goods

Date AddedIncident

12 February 2016Stolen in the post Philip & Mary Shilling

10 February 2016Burglary Potters Bar

26 January 2016Lost in transit from Juan Cayon

08 January 2016Stolen in Louisville, Kentucky

05 January 2016Theft of Roman Coins from Chelmsford Museum

23 December 2015Anglo Saxon Fakes

08 December 2015Stolen Medals - Redditch

07 December 2015FedEx Package Missing

22 November 2015Theft from regional museum in the North West

19 November 2015Stolen Coin Collection in West Mercia

19 November 2015Coin collection burglary in Gloucestershire

17 November 2015Collection stolen in Paris

10 November 2015Four items believed lost in London NW11

02 November 2015Coins stolen in Norfolk Burglary

12 October 2015List of medals stolen from Talana Museum, KwaZulu-Natal

05 October 2015Coin Missing from Bloomsbury Coin Fair 3 October

27 September 2015Stolen from National Museum in Scotland

15 September 2015Iraq Campaign Medal, Northern Ireland Medal

14 August 2015Warning - hoard of treasure

04 August 2015Burglary in Birmingham

15 July 2015Catuvellauni Cunobelin Classic Type gold stater

27 June 2015Theft of half sovereigns

03 June 2015Theft of 100 King Edward VII Gold Sovereigns

29 May 2015Two coins stolen

29 May 2015Bromsgrove Burglary

28 April 2015Missin in Transit Gold Semissis

28 April 2015Missing in Transit Gold Solidus

06 April 2015Stolen from Goodwood Antiques Fair

23 March 2015Stolen £5 Gold Proof Victoria Anniversary Crowns 1901

16 March 2015Burglary in Wythall, Worcestershire

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