Stolen goods

Date AddedIncident

25 March 2014Stolen at Barcelona Coin Fair

20 March 2014Robbery in Wellington, Somerset

18 March 2014Stolen in Paris Grece-Mysie Cyzique (500-450)

18 March 2014Robbery in France - Joel & Michael Creusy

10 February 2014Robbery at Midland Coin Fair

04 February 2014Stolen 50g Gold Bar

04 February 2014Missing in the post in Brussels Salut D'or of Henry VI

04 February 2014Missing in the post in Brussels Salut D'or of Henry VI

28 January 2014WW1 Medals stolen in Surrey

20 January 2014Lost in transit from New York to London via FedEX

13 January 2014Stolen Krugerands - Dorset

09 January 2014Mark Rasmussen lost/stolen items

15 December 2013Medals stolen in Battersea Area

07 November 2013Civil War Tokens stolen from Farnham Museum

24 October 2013Lloyd Bennett Burglary

09 October 2013Burglary in Tunbridge Wells

09 October 2013Lloyd Bennett Robbery

09 September 2013Stolen Edward III (1361AD) Gold Half Noble

27 August 2013Theft from Benjamin Bell, Civitas Galleries Ltd

14 August 2013Rare Gold Coins Stolen in Mumbai, India.

30 July 2013Theft of a 'Dead Man's Penny'

23 April 2013Missing Eadmund Crowned Bust

15 April 2013Brighton Bullion Robbery

03 April 2013Missing in South Africa

07 March 2013Medals stolen Putney

27 February 2013FOUND Coins gone missing in post from USA

25 February 2013Theft of Sovereign Coins

19 February 2013Stolen Medals North East England

13 February 2013Three arrests following theft in Bromley

05 February 201317thC Tokens lost in the post

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